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True Potential

In every area of your life: career, relationships, family. Develop greater resilience, better decision-making skills. Have more security, adventure, security, happiness, and fulfillment.

Improving your emotional intelligence leads to greater success for all of these and more.

Your partner in lifelong learning

Access our cutting-edge social and emotional intelligence courses on your time, at your own pace - and you can choose to work one on one online with one of our certified life and career coaches to truly individualize your learning.

96% of our students say that their lives have more purpose and meaning after engaging in one of our programs. As an online student at the Wright Foundation, you will begin to consciously engage in all areas of your life and begin to create a world that works for you at the highest possible level.

What Can Social & Emotional Intelligence Do For You?







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Discover new possibilities for your life!

Our social and emotional intelligence courses are designed to activate your potential, so you never stop learning and growing.

Increase Your Sales Success

Invest in yourself as a salesperson, and as a human being.

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Personality Types
Building Effective Relationships in Your Life

Build better rapport, better relationships, better job outcomes, better life outcomes.

Revitalize Your Career

Build and develop your employability skills to advance in your professional career.

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"The courses have been critical to me growing my business relationships and fostering sales. In essence, the success of my brand is based more and more on how we lead and transform relationships"

- Eric M

"As a result of what I have learned through the courses I have a clear vision around who I want to be, and  I have stepped into being a woman who creates deep meaningful connections in my life"

- Sahar M

"I have gotten immense leadership and career development skills from these courses. I went from an entry level techie in my organization to a director who brings in new business.

- Munzoor S

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The Wright Foundation is also your home for live webinars on social and emotional intelligence.

More Life Training 

In our premier, free weekend-long training, discover your purpose and bring to light some of the hidden dynamics behind WHY you do what you do…and what’s blocking you from becoming the best you possible!

Our Free Live Workshops

Covering emotional intelligence topics from relationships to leadership, our free evening workshops are designed for focused, active learning. Explore all of our upcoming workshops and register for one or more.

Soft Addictions

Learn what’s preventing you from having more: more time, more money, more energy, more love, and more satisfaction. Understand how addressing your yearnings directly can sustain you as you embrace your challenges head on.

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