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Your virtual home for social and emotional intelligence training.

Do you want to increase your relationship skills in all areas of life?
To grow your business or move forward in your career?
To have a sense of purpose while parenting?
To live more in harmony with yourself?
Do you just want more out of life?

The Wright Foundation has over 30 years’ experience training people to bring out their best in all areas of life. WrightNow is our self-paced, on-demand home for lessons, workshops, and courses, that allow you to deepen your relationships, advance your career, and get to know yourself right from the comfort of your home.

WrightNow offers pragmatic, grounded, research-based content to help you bring out your best. Whether you only have time for a quick 5-minute sound-bite during your commute, or want to dig deep in a longer course, WrightNow offers transformational lessons, workshops, and courses for you to use the way you want, at your own pace. Some of the topics covered in our courses include Transformational Leadership, Personal Power, and Overcoming Soft Addictions, just to name a few.

Report that they feel they have more purpose and meaning in life.  

Were promoted or got a better job 

Say they are calmer and better at managing their stress  

Courses at the Wright Foundation

"As principal of a marketing agency, the social/emotional skills taught by the Wright Foundation to be invaluable. This is an era of mentoring and retaining staff which has been a major focus for my company. The trainings have been critical to growing business relationships and fostering sales. In essence, the success of our brand is based more and more on how we lead and transform relationships."

- Eric M

"I have learned skills to take my leadership to the next level. I have been a leader for many years but at times I would drive for results without being in rapport with the team or my superiors. Now, whether it's a business meeting with C level executives or a one-on-one with a colleague, I am able to build rapport quickly while still driving for the outcome. This win for all approach is much more satisfying for the team, my superiors, and me."

- Nicole E 

"I have gotten immense leadership and career development skills from these courses. I went from an entry level techie in my organization to a director who brings in new business. And I love interacting with and serving my clients which I never imagined having the skillset for-invaluable!"

- Munzoor S

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We design innovative curricula to help you
bring out your best and energize your life personally and professionally.

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