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  • We are excited to announce that we have some new things coming to WrightNow soon! While we will continue to have many of our recent and top-rated workshops available for you to review, over the next few months, we will be creating and releasing exciting new full-length, 100% online courses for you to expand your knowledge, increase your growth, and meet your potential. In the meantime, purchase the ACCESS-PASS today to gain access to our library of workshops and lessons.

Courses at the Wright Foundation

“What I really appreciate about the skills in the courses I learned is that they are not only exciting to learn, but they are applicable in all kinds of situations. I use what I have learned about myself and relationships with my family, running my business, and even in my faith-community. What you learn is inspirational, but also incredibly pragmatic.”

- Rich B

"I didn't just learn about emotional intelligence, I actually put it into practice. Using the tools I learned at the Wright Foundation helped me not just finish my dissertation and PhD at Northwestern but to become a student my advisor brags about."

- Michelle A

"I have been a primary care physician for 35 years, and have prided myself on my ability to make a deep connection with patients. Learning about social and emotional intelligence at the Wright Foundation has allowed me to have those relationships be nourishing not only to my patients, but also to me as well." - Marilyn P

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