Networking for Success

Taught by: Barbara Burgess

Networking is a powerful tool for your career, your business, and your life. But networking often becomes an inconvenience or often times you simply go through the motions of meeting someone.
Learn a whole new way to look at networking as a way of life.  A way of being in every moment that created more fulfillment, outcomes, meaning, satisfaction and success for you personally and professionally.

Learn to be more effective in your networking by contributing to others.

Discover how being curious about others and really listening to them, stepping into the unknown with them, helps you be more satisfied and get what you want.

Increase your ability to connect with people wherever you are with some simple, powerful, and authentic networking tips.


Barbara Burgess

Barbara is a corporate consultant, coach, trainer, and specialist in the areas of transformational leadership, transformative education, marketing, and employee empowerment. She has over 22 years’ experience marketing in a broad range of industries including healthcare, industrial supplies, association management, financial services, and consumer goods.

Courses at the Wright Foundation

"I have learned skills to take my leadership to the next level. I have been a leader for many years but at times I would drive for results without being in rapport with the team or my superiors. Now, whether it's a business meeting with C level executives or a one-on-one with a colleague, I am able to build rapport quickly while still driving for the outcome. This win for all approach is much more satisfying for the team, my superiors, and me."

- Nicole E 

"As principal of a marketing agency, the social / emotional skills taught by the Wright Foundation to be invaluable. This is an era of mentoring and retaining staff which has been a major focus for my company. The trainings have been critical to growing business relationships and fostering sales. In essence, the success of our brand is based more and more on how we lead and transform relationships."

- Eric M

"I have gotten immense leadership and career development skills from these courses. I went from an entry level techie in my organization to a director who brings in new business. And I love interacting with and serving my clients which I never imagined having the skillset for-invaluable!"

- Munzoor S


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