Increase Your Sales Success:
Know Yourself, Grow Your Sales

Unleash your sales

Deepen your relationships

Maximize your influence

The surprising truth about how to unlock  your next level of sales success

Whether it’s your first day or your 10,000th day in sales, this course will change how you sell and why you succeed. 

You’ll not only explore how to increase your sales to record highs, but how to create a life in sales that is more meaningful and fulfilling than you ever thought possible.

“The measure of success isn’t what you have or what you get, it’s what you give.”

Rich Lyons

CEO - Lyons Consulting Group

This is not your typical sales course.

  • Consciousness and community are our bottom line.
  • Learning to know and be yourself and to relate to and connect with others — and to serve and sell from that place of authentic connection — is at the heart of what we will be teaching and will be at the heart of your success.
  • Along with improving your basic sales skills, you’ll also be learning how to find more satisfaction, fulfillment, and meaning in your growing sales career.
  • Whether sales is 5% or 500% of your work (or personal!) life, this course will help you make the very most of every second of your sales.

Why take this course?

There has never been a more important time to invest in yourself as a salesperson, and also as a human being. This Sales Success course will expand not only your professional life, but your personal life as well. Is there anything more valuable than that?

As in life, so it is in sales: It’s not just what you do, but how you do it, that makes the difference. Taking the course will teach you how to have a more conscious, more connected, more effective career in sales.

Here are the 6 powerful modules you’ll be exploring in this course:

  1. 1
    Knowing Who You Are Selling
    Create a powerful and compelling brand and fine-tune your “sales-pitch”.
  2. 2
    Getting the Game of Sales
    Learn the 4 basic skills of the game of sales and build your sales foundation to launch your growth.
  3. 3
    Breaking Down Your Barriers to Sales 
    Understand the barriers that stand in the way of your sales success and get support to break them down!
  4. 4
    Increasing Your Velocity and Improving Your Systems                                                           Explore our tried-and-true tips and tricks to help you get more done, in less time.
  5. 5
    Building Your Sales Relationships                                                                                                       Gain skill in three of our proprietary Wright Foundation models - CARE Personality Profile, Ideal State Action Planning, and the Wonders of Intentional & Influential Networking - to unleash the potential of what you can do for and with others.
  6. 6
    Living Your Life in Sales
    Learn how to find satisfaction, meaning, and fulfillment in your sales life - today and every day

Take Your Sales to the Next Level

Increase Your Sales Course


  • 6 modules of engaging video content
  • 6 modules of engaging video content
  • Fillable and printable worksheets for each step of the program
  • Learn at your own place on your own schedule

*You will receive an email with the course when the course is released.

About the Speakers

Dr. Bob Wright is an internationally recognized author, speaker & visionary known for his witticisms. He co-founded The Wright Foundation to teach people to develop their vision and unlock their full potential. Dr. Bob Wright has spent over thirty years training, coaching, & consulting national & international business leaders from small entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 100s.

Dr. Bob Wright

Internationally recognized visionary, coach, educator, program developer, best-selling author, and speaker.

Bob specializes in helping corporate leaders and entrepreneurs across the country not only to build and grow their businesses, but also to thrive with purpose, mission, and robust, high-performing cultures. He co-founded Wright to teach people to develop their vision and fulfill their dreams.

Rich Lyons

Rich Lyons is a board member and long-time student at the Wright Foundation. He is also the Founder, CEO and President of Lyons Consulting Group (LYONSCG), the industry’s premier eCommerce digital agency with tailored solutions that maximize their online potential.

Rich is responsible for leading the company’s strategy and vision, as well as working closely with customers, including Tourneau, Allen Edmonds, GoPro, Patagonia, and many more.


The Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential is a 501(c)3 non-profit. We design innovative curricula to help you bring out your best and energize your life personally and professionally.


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